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The Song Is Ended

But The Melody Lingers On

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This is the icon journal of bluto_blutarsky. In addition to icons I may also post other graphics such as friends only banners.

If you check out my interest list, you can see many of the people/movies/things, etc. that I tend to make icons of, although my icons are in no way limited to just what I have listed. I will occasionally take requests, but don't always do so because inspiration for icons usually comes on a whim for me.

My rules for usage are pretty simple.

1. Comment when taking an icon
2. Be sure to credit either melodylingerson or bluto_blutarsky in key words when using an icon.
3. Do not claim these icons as your own.
4. No hotlinking.

My resources list can be found here.

If you'd like to be an affiliate, just comment on any post and I'd love to add you.